Crystal Image Assessment Experiment 2

This website is part of an experimental collaboration between Dr. Emoto's research as described in his book Messages from Water and the Research Department at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The results of our first joint experiment will appear in an article published in the journal Explore in September 2006.

In this study you will see a sequence of 50 pictures of frozen water drops, one picture at a time. The water came from Fiji brand water bottles purchased in California. Some of these bottles, located in the IONS laboratory in California, were sent prayers of gratitude by groups of people attending conferences led by Dr. Emoto in Germany. Other Fiji bottles purchased at the same time were set aside as controls, and were not known to the groups. The crystal images were photographed by Dr. Emoto's staff; they were blind to which bottles contained the "treated" water and which were the controls.

For each picture, you'll rate both how beautiful and how interesting you think each crystal looks. Beautiful in this context means that the picture is aesthetically pleasing to you in some way. Interesting means the picture attracts your curiosity or attention, perhaps because the shape reminds you of something. Please consider both factors in assessing each picture.

Please rate all 50 images in one session. Most people can do this in 10 to 15 minutes at most.

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Go here to begin the test. Have fun and thanks for participating!