IONS Double-Slit Experiment [Version 1.0]

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The purpose of the experiment is to investigate the role of consciousness in the physical world. We are especially interested in whether consciousness interacts with quantum phenomena such as light. The following video clip briefly illustrates the mind-matter interaction concept explored in this experiment.

As suggested by the above video, we are interested in seeing whether consciousness can directly interact with quantum systems, and we are using a double-slit optical system to find out.

Here is a description of the task we will ask you to do in this experiment.

Here is a description of the screen display you will see in this experiment.

Privacy: This website is maintained by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) for research purposes only. We collect a limited amount of demographic and email address information during the registration process. That information is available only to researchers at IONS.

Anonymity: Results of your performance on this test will not be released to anyone, but accumulated results of all participants will be reported in professional journals, other publications, and in presentations. We collect your email address as part of the registration process to help encourage serious participation in this experiment, and to contact you should that need arise. We will do everything possible to maintain rigorous control over all information recorded in this experiment.

Security: This experiment streams data to your web browser and uses a Flash client to display those data. The data are not stored in your computer.

Computing requirements: The experiment should work on any modern PC and browser, including Android and other smartphones that can play Flash (thus, sadly, it excludes iPhones). It does require an up to date Flash player (version 10 or better). The internet bandwidth required is minimal, much less than playing a YouTube video.

Informed consent: By registering for this study, you agree that your participation is completely voluntary. If at any time you have concerns about any aspect of this study, please send email to the project director Dr. Dean Radin.

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